О компании

About us

Evropac offers unique transport and logistics solutions that allow our customers to sell and develop, delivering goods to markets that are new for them. We deliver liquid, bulk and general cargo door to door throughout Russia and in 32 countries of the world. We transship cargoes in container- and shiploads through the terminal in Novorossiysk and through all the main Russian ports. Annually we ship off thousands of containers.Our company is a VIP partner of the leading marine lines. With our own fleet, we carry out truck shipment and freight forwarding by rail. Evropac is the first Russian company to use flexitank technology to transport liquid cargoes in containers, providing cost cutting, expediting and simplicity of the logistics chain. Delivery of liquid cargo in Evropac flexitanks is the mark of our special care and special pride for the work done. Annually we process more than 80 thousand tons of mineral oils and more than 100 thousand tons of edible vegetable oils, as well as many other cargoes. Our company began its journey on the railway back in 2011. It was the first to get permission from Russian Railways for the transportation of white and black mineral oils in flexitanks. In the following years, Evropacwas expanding the list of cargoes permitted for rail transportation in flexitanks. The main types of vegetable oils were added.The volumes of liquid cargotransportation in Evropac flexitanks were increasing every year. In 2019, our company revolutionized the flexi-industry by agreeing the local technical conditions (LTC) that allow Evropac to transport any nonhazardous liquid cargoes in Evropac flexitanks throughout the entire Russian Railways network. We are located in Moscow and Novorossiysk. Our representative offices operate throughout Russia, providing our customers with the best conditions and unique services at all stages of transportation. Being an accredited partner of the Russian Export Center, today Evropacis successfully increasing the volumes and expanding the geography of Russian exports by transporting liquid cargoes from regions for which exports were not readily available before.