Evropac flexi-storage


Flexi-storage is a high-strength tank made of thermoplastic polymers that are resistant to aggressive environments, abrasion and aging.

Withstand temperatures from –55°C to +80°C.
Volume capacity — from 20 m3to 250 m3. Tank farms with a capacity of up to 2000 m3 and more are made to store a larger volume.
It can be installed on any type of soil surface.


  • organization of a field store for fuel and lubricants storage;
  • oil storage during repair of transformer parks;
  • transportation of various liquid cargoes to hard-to-reach areas;
  • collection of oil products in oil spill response;
  • collection of oil products from a blocked pipe section;
  • organization of fire and drinking water storage;
  • storage of liquid fertilizers, acids and alkalis;
  • storage of edibles: juices, alcohol, concentrates, etc.