Flexitank is a polymer elastic tank for liquid cargo transportation. Evropac uses its own Evropac flexitanks to transport liquid nonhazardous cargoes in 20-foot containers.

Evropactransports bulk cargoes using liners forEvropac containers (company’s own patent No. 96849). Evropac container liner is a polymer package for bulk cargo transportation in 20-foot containers.

The company also produces flexi-storage units for storing liquid products in the field. Evropacflexi-storageis a high-strength tank made of thermoplastic polymers.

All Evropac products pass through the complex multistage quality control.
Materials used for the production are laboratory tested: tightness and strength test of polypropylene and polyethylene; heat-resistance test; stretching test.
The finished flexitank passes an overpressure test and a leak test. Only after all the testing stages are successfully passed, the flexitank is ready for use.

Evropac sells plastic and rod container seals to control unauthorized access to cargoes during transportation and storage. They have numbering protection system, wide color range. Theymay be marked with the additional labelto provide a higher level of protection. The seals are recognized by the customs services of most states.