Transshipment of general cargo

Transshipment of general cargo

For more than 5 years, Evropac has been successfully developing the direction of working with packaged and other general cargo.

For freighters we offer services ofacceptance, accumulation and storage of packaged products, with their subsequent export in containers: cereal crops in bags, packaged motor oils, bottled vegetable oils, rubbers, carbon black, lumber, medium density fiberboardsand many other cargoes.

Evropak company makes export shipment of packaged oils and other products of the largest oil companies using an effective system of control and recording of own stock reserve. This allows storing more than 500 items once in the company’s warehouses, reducing to zero the misgradingduring shipment.

We seek to create optimal conditions for customers, save their time, reduce costs and offer additional opportunities for development of each business.

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