Liquid cargo tanker transportationis alwayspopular. In many cases, this is the most cost efficient way of delivery.

Our company provides services ofacceptance, accumulation, transshipment and shipment of liquid cargo shiploads from 2.5 tons or more for export through the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin and Astrakhan. Transshipment is carried out through storage facilities and directlyby “car-tank-shipboard”. We process and ship tankers with vegetable (edible) oils, as well as base oils and other cargoes.

Our company effectively interacts with ports and representative offices of Russian Railways, owners of rolling stock and freight forwarders. This allows us providing the customer with the most convenient service using one-stop-shop approach. Evropac is a partner of the largest marine container lines MSC, MAERSK, CMA, FESCO, therefore we guarantee our customers the provision of containers in any volumes, space on ships and attractive rates.

We seek to create optimal conditions for customers, save their time, reduce costs and offer additional opportunities for the development of each business.

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